Bulk SMS For College

Nowadays Education is the most important for our country. Everywhere the parents are very clear about education, the parents are dreaming about their child and joining/admission to the schools. In this case, the school management has the complete responsibilities of the students and they need to take care of students discipline education and health.
Make communication with students or parents in a quick, easy and hassle free while using the service of Bulk SMS. FastSMSIndia offers various features in SMS, Email service and our other core services to schools and colleges. Using our user friendly SMS software, it is easy for schools and colleges to communicate effectively with the staff and parents.

Uses of Bulk SMS In Colleges

  • Alerts for attendance
  • Sms for home work
  • Notifications for exams
  • Cost effective (no calls)
  • Messaging between staff and parents
  • School closures intimation due to unexpected events.
  • Remind parents of upcoming events.
  • Information regarding PTM (Parents Teacher Meetings).
  • Wards daily attendance / monthly attendance intimations.
  • School Transport intimation to Transport availing kids.
  • Festivals and Birthday Wishes in bulk or individual .
  • Exam results or Fee details or Exam dates
  • Convey the attendance to parents
  • School circulars
  • Send advertisement about schools
  • Send meeting invitation to parents

Bulk SMS for College Example

"Dear Parent,
This is to inform you that Your Child Neeta has been absent from the class today."

"Dear Student,
Your exam sheet are released Now. Collect it from the school from your class teacher."

With the increasing growth and popularity of Bulk SMS, it has become one of the most powerful and effective mediums to disseminate information in a matter of seconds. Education systems can implement text messaging in order to send key information to their students and develop their administration, as well as to keep in contact with parents. The advantages of Bulk SMS for Colleges also apply to schools and universities to develop classroom interaction and also provide the opportunity to create a virtual community for teachers and pupils to communicate, both amongst themselves and with each other.All you need is to have a best and affordable Bulk SMS Service provider near you. Your search ends with us. FastSMSIndia is the most Affordable Bulk SMS Service Provider across India. We have 50+ thousands satisfied customers. You are step ahead to call FastSMSIndia to give and assist you with Free Demo SMS.

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