What is Transactional Bulk SMS?

SMS or short messaging services are definitely the most fundamental forms of text messages. Right from the inception of mobile phones, SMS have proved to be the spine of mobile communication. In fact, SMS are so effective that this form of communication soon turned into a commercial form of marketing. Bulk SMS Services are known to everyone in today's marketing world, and even in today's world of online marketing, SMS services still hold a powerful position.
Transactional Bulk SMS :- Transactional messages are the ones which are considered important for the users. In simple words, it can also be referred to as Service messages. Messages that are related to the services to you have already availed are placed under the category of transactional SMS.
These messages incorporate messages that are sent with the intension to help the client or user get information related to the services he or she is using already. Transactional SMS services do not contain any kind of marketing or promotional tone. For example, bank account holders always get SMS related to the balance detail of their bank account.
Since these SMS do not contain any kind of promotional or marketing information, therefore even the numbers that are included in the DND list get these messages.

Example of a Transactional Bulk SMS

"Dear Customer Rs. 500 was spent on Card no xxxx7899xxxx at Mumbai. Available balance in your account is Rs. 1000."

"Dear Customer Your Amazon order is out for delivery. Please share the OTP 122944 with the Delivery agent to get the package."

Features of Transactional Bulk SMS

  • Six character Sender Id
  • 24/7 SMS delivery timings
  • Easy HTTP API
  • Complete API documentation
  • DND & Non-DND deliverability
  • High Speed Dynamic SMS Gateway
  • No Monthly rent, no set up fee
  • SMS Scheduling as per need
  • Multiple Connectivity
  • Instant delivery & Reports
  • Bulk contacts directly from Excel
  • Easy and user friendly panel

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