What is Long Code Bulk SMS

Long Codes are nothing but a 10 Digit Virtual Mobile Number to which a user can send a text SMS to interact with applications and get the required response.
It helps you to cut down the cost of sending messages to your end users and gives you all features similar to a 5 Digit Short Code Number.
Long code is an 10-digit number that is designed in such a way as to be easy to remember and can be used for premium services. This Long Code enables you to work with every operator using the same number with different keywords. These keywords can be your company's name or your product’s name like the ones on TV ads (e.g.: OFFER-> 56767776) and a premium rate set by the mobile operators would be applicable.

Key Features of Long Code Bulk SMS

  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Complete Reporting
  • Change auto replies as many times you want
  • Two Way messaging Services from Mantra Communicator
  • Response can be forwarded to your URL
  • URL Forwardig : The incoming message can be forwarded to your web server or application.
  • Unmatched Services in industry
  • Instant response and real time reporting

Industries that use Long Code SMS Gateway

  • Insurance Companies Insurance companies use Long Code to receive information on premium due date, policy update, premium payment confirmation, maturity reminder and so on by the insurance holder.
  • Mutual Fund Industry Mutual Fund companies use SMS services to receive updated NAV values, dividends, bonuses and such like.
  • Restaurants and Hotels Restaurants and hotels can use Long Code service to collect home delivery orders, to provide information and for promotional purposes.
  • Banking Banks use SMS services to give customers account balance information, payment information, cheque/demand draft enquiry, payment transfer and other services that are offered.

Long Code Bulk SMS in FastSMSIndia

The main advantage of using the Long Code Services from the FastSMSIndia is unrestricted two-way messaging and amazing communication with the customers.
Businesses which need the regular customer feedbacks and queries should deploy the Long Code SMS Solutions to enhance the customer experiences with the support and therefore, the higher customer satisfaction level. It will definitely help establishing the company as a brand and increasing the value in the relevant markets. Customers are the key to success. Serve them with the dedicated services of Bulk SMS Gateway to strengthen your bond with them.
At FastSMSIndia we offer two types of SMS long code solutions:
A dedicated Long code is provisioned to a specific company or organisation to enable the running of multiple campaigns or services. Any alphanumeric message sent to a dedicated Long code will be received by the Bulk SMS customer to whom the Long code is allocated.
A shared Long code is pooled between multiple businesses or organizations. This means that two or more companies may share the same longcode, but have different keywords. Each Bulk SMS Customer has a unique keyword which is sent to the longcode. If for example you have chosen the keyword "Car" on 32015, all messages coming in with the keyword "Car" will come in to your Bulk SMS inbox.

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