What is SenderID

A Sender ID appears on the mobile phone of the receiver and shows who the SMS is coming from. When a person sends an SMS, the Sender ID is always the person's phone number but when sending SMS over an API, there are variable options with either 15 digits or 11 characters in the range a-z, A-Z and 0-9.

When you are using Bulk SMS service for advertising purposes, instead of sending SMS from a number you can make your SMS more professional and send SMS using your own Sender ID.
In the above image AX-Jeevan is the Sender ID. It is the Sender ID of jeevansathi.com. One of main advantage of SenderID is Customer ease of understanding from where they receive SMS. it build a better connection with the clients also.

In the image displayed above, QP-Swiggy is the Sender ID of Swiggy. Now It is Clear What is SenderID? Let's get disscuss about the rules to be followed while choosing a SsendID :-

Note : According to TRAI, Sender ID can only be of 6 alphabetical characters. It cannot be more or less than 6 characters. You cannot use numerical characters while creating Sender ID. It should only contain alphabetical characters.

Rules For Choosing a SenderID in FastSMSIndia

  1. Personal Name Not Allowed :-While choosing a SenderID , you cannnot use your own name in Sender ID just Like Ram, Rahul, Mohan etc. If You have a business of Your own name then you can take initial letters of your name with your business' nature. Ex- if you have a shop with the name Raj General Store then You can choose RGENERAL.
  2. Only Alphabets are Allowed - If you are using Transactional Route SMS, Your SenderID only contain alphabetical characters of 6 letters.
  3. Promotional Numerical SenderID -If You are using Promotional Route SMS, You can choose a Numerical Sender ID of 6 digits. Like - 212121.
  4. Bank or Any Brand not related to you - You can not use any Bank Name or Brand Name as Your Sender ID unless you are not owner of this Bank or Brand. If you are Owner of this Brand or Bank, You have give your Choosen SenderID in you letter head. Ex- BZ-UCOBNK.
  5. Celebrity Name or Common Words are not Allowed- You can not use any Celebrity Name as your SenderID just as AMITABH, SHAHRUKh, Aamir, Friends, Family, Notice etc. These SenderID are rejected by Operators.
  6. Your Company, Product, Brand, Organization Names are allowed- You Can Use you Company Name in your SenderID Just as VK-VMARTB, or You can use your Shop Name just as VK-ONDOOR etc.
Note :- If You are choosing any government authorised Company's SenderID just as BSNL, LIC INDIA or any Bank Name, You have to give it in your letter head.

How to Create SenderID

  1. Login to FastSMSIndia
  2. Click on the Send SMS Option from the left side of the Panel.
  3. A form to be filled appears on the Screen. From here you can fill the SenderID of your own choice.

In this way tou can choose your own SenderID and start sending Bulk SMS using SenderID which represents your Brand.

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