What is Bulk SMS API

The term API means Application Programming Interface in which the functions of a computer program like Bulk SMS Service can be made accessible to another computer program. This approach is possible by using a standard which is known to programmers of both programs.Send SMS alters, Promotional SMS, appointment reminders etc in bulk to your customers via our Bulk SMS API service.
SMS API (Application Program Interface) is nothing but it is a bridge which communicates between the Bulk SMS Gateway and your software or application for having an alert SMS sent automatically as in when it is required.
We will take a simple example for an e-commerce website: If a person place an order for a product online on an e-commerce website then he/she gets an order confirmation alert SMS there after the shipment details are also being sent till the delivery has been successfully completed. In this case there are millions of people could place their orders in all the different time frame so it is difficult for some one to send SMS alert manually one by one, so that’s the reason Bulk SMS API is used to ensure that the respective SMS has to be sent automatically for all the people as and when it is required automatically as per the logic created by the e-commerce website developer.

Why to use API?

An SMS API (application programming interface) is a programming language and information on how to access web based panel. An SMS API is mainly used to integrate an APP or a website to directly send messages from the APP or website. To select the best API available in the market I would suggest you go for FastSMSIndia's platform where they have their API available in 11 programming languages like PHP, Java, .Net, Python, Ruby and more. The best part is that they have their API available for free and also have a detailed explanation how to integrate it with an APP or a website.

How Does API Works

With an Bulk SMS API, you can send bulk SMS in a variety of formats and on a range of networks. To get started, your smart message service provider will help you learn how your present platforms can be integrated using SMS API. Also, they present you with the technical documentation that explains in detailed steps to link your present systems into a functional SMS API.
Simultaneously, your service provider will activate your bulk SMS account with a number of credits so you can do the testing and ensure everything is working the way you want. SMS API protocols can make a significant difference in how your company interacts with your clients as well as staff.

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