How to Add Clients

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Add Clients

Client is a feature in FastSMSIndia where we can easily store Clients details. It provides a systematic management of our client's detail. While sending Bulk SMS it sometimes become chaotic to manage Clients, hence using this feature you can easily keep a track of all your client's details.

Advantage of Adding Clients

Time saver - The first advantage of adding Clients is that it saves your time to a great extent. You don't have to manually enter each detail one by one which you have to do in the traditional method.
Future reference- The Client saved can be utilized for future reference as well. You can see at a glance what were your past records and can be easily stored.
Powerful search- Searching a Client becomes a lot easier in this method. You don't have to manually look for the Client's details. Just search for them in the search bar and the result gets displayed within seconds.
Easy and systematic administration- Overall the database gets stored in a systematic manner without any hassle. You can even create groups for similar criteria Clients and make it easier to manage.

    Steps To Add Clients :
  • Login In FastSMSIndia
  • In left Side of the Panel. you will find Clients Options.
  • Click on the option. the following Screen shows:-
  • Now Click on the Add Option given on the top. Add Client dialog box appears.
  • In this dialog box. Fill all the Client's details
  • Now Click on the Add Button.
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